Alghero Summer School

Alghero Summer School
Elastic Metamaterials: From Theory to Applications
22-29 May 2016, Alghero, Italy

Initiated in the 70’ in the field of electromagnetism, the study of materials having paradoxical dynamical overall behavior is nowadays a transverse topic in contemporary physics. Oddly enough, mechanical metamaterials attracted the attention of physicists only recently with the investigation of acoustic metamaterials, which have very small or vanishing shear resistance. This type of metamaterials is indeed a subclass of the broader family of Elastic Metamaterials. In view of their applications to wave control, either to construct sensor, cloaking device or super-lens, the conception and design of Elastic Metamaterials become a research topic of first importance having important and promising practical applications.

This Summer School, that will held in the Alghero School of Architecture in Sardinia (Italy), aims at gathering world-renown professors to teach participants the foundations of Mechanical Metamaterials and to point the directions to follow to develop this field.
Lectures will range from theoretical aspects (Brillouin Zone, Bloch Waves, Non-Locality), to experimental ones (Designing, Prototyping and Testing). It will also be the place for discussions and exchanges in order to build bridges between mechanical, physical and mathematical communities.

Speakers : C. Boutin (ENTPE, Lyon, France), A. Carcaterra (DIMA, SAPIENZA University of Rome and M&MoCS, L’Aquila, Italy), G. Hu (Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing,Chine), F. dell’Isola (DISG, SAPIENZA University of Rome and M&MoCS, L’Aquila, Italy), G. Milton (University of Utah, USA), to be completed.

Organizing Committee : Emilio Turco (professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero (Sardinia)), Francesco dell’Isola (professor at SAPIENZA University of Rome, Italy), Samuel Forest (professor at Centre des Matériaux MINES Paristech, Paris, France), Antonio Cazzani (professor at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia)), Antonio Carcaterra (professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza), Qi-Chang He (professor at Paris-Est, Université Paris-Est Marne-La Vallée, Laboratoire MSME), Nicolas Auffray (maître de Conférence at Université Paris-Est Marne-La Vallée, Laboratoire MSME)



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