Workshop Encounter of third kind Generalized Continua

Workshop “Encounter of the third kind”
on “Generalized continua and microstructures”

3-7 April 2018, Arpino, Italy


The Lia Coss&Vita, joint research unit between the CNRS Federation of Paris Mechanics Labs and the M&MoCS Center, organizes a “Encounter of the third type” on the topic “Generalized Continuous Media and Microstructures” from April 3rd to 7th, 2018.
This workshop will leave wide room for scientific discussion by a group of invited specialists. The program will be deliberately free enough to allow detailed technical presentations and exchanges associated with possibility impromptu interventions. Emphasis will be placed on the foundations of the formulation of generalized continuum theories and their construction from the microstructure of the materials or from the architecture of structures.

The Workshop will be held in the historical city of Arpino, 100 kilometers south east of Rome, in Italy.

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