Workshop Arpino April 2019

Nonlinear Instabilities and Localization in Materials,
Geomaterials, Metamaterials and Structures

8-12 April 2019, Arpino, Italy

The research group “Non-linearity and Stability in Continuous media” is part of the International CNRS M&MoCS lab Coss&Vita. A Workshop is organized on April 8-12 2019 in the historical city of Arpino close to Rome to discuss various aspects of instabilities in materials and structures.
The class of phenomena considered during the Workshop are the following:

  • strain localization and damage in metallic materials and structures;
  • strain localization and damage in geomaterials;
  • static and dynamic stability of materials and structures.

Experimental and modeling aspects will be discussed with a view to model parameter identification and derivation of models from materials’ microstructures. Special attention will be dedicated to regularization methods and introduction of internal lengths in the continuum modeling. Large periods of discussion will be reserved for the comparison of the different techniques and theories used in the different scientific domains.

List of speakers