Scientific Project

Scientific Projects

The Scientific Project is organized in the following main directions:

  • Generalized continua and Metamaterials (META)
  • Biomaterials (BIO)
  • Computational mechanics of generalized continua (COMECH)
  • Non-linearity and Stability in Continuous Media (NLS)

For each topic two leaders were selected, one in each country. Their task consists in promoting, organizing and reporting on the actions of the LIA related to the specific topic. The choice of these outstanding researchers was made with regards to their knowledge of the research field, their involvement in previous French–Italian actions, and their willingness and enthusiasm to promote the LIA. The practical cooperation methods are based on Workshops, Chercheurs en residence, Summer Schools, etc.

The LIA will also remain open to new research subjects, related to the main objectives, that could emerge in the course of the project.