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Workgroup on
From adaptive and architecture materials to integrated smart structures: a challenge in mechanical engineering and biomechanical applications.
16-18 April 2015, Arpino (FR), Italy
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METAmaterial workshop organized by Nicolas Auffray and Qi-Chang He.
14 April 2015, MSME lab, University Paris-Est (Marne-la-Vallée),Paris, France.
Contact : Nicolas Auffray
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Bilateral French-Italian Workshop on
Going down to the microscale in multiphysics problems from seismic driven risks to petroleum geomechanics
4-6 May 2015, Arpino (FR), Italy
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Inaugural Summer School of the CNRS International Associate Laboratory Coss&Vita on
Mechanics of generalized continua and their applications to engineering materials and structures
20-26 July 2015, Arpino (FR), Italy.
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Workshop on
Computational Mechanics of Generalized Continua and Applications to Materials with Microstructure
Catania, 29 – 31 October, 2015
Scuola Superiore di Catania
Villa San Saverio, via Valdisavoia 9 – Catania. Click here to download the program
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Alghero Summer School of the CNRS International Associate Laboratory Coss&Vita on
Elastic Metamaterials: From Theory to Applications
22 – 29 May 2016, Alghero (Sardinia), Italy
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School of the CNRS International Associate Laboratory Coss&Vita on
Models of Generalized Continua characterized by Quasi-Inextensible Fibrous Structures: New Ideas for Models and Applications
19-23 September 2016, Arpino, Italy
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EUROMECH-Colloquium 579 on
Generalized and microstructured continua: [new ideas in modeling] and/or [applications to structures with (nearly-)inextensible fibers]
3-8 April 2017, Arpino, Italy
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Second Bilateral French-Italian Workshop on
Open issues and emerging approaches in geo-environmental mechanics

2-4 May 2017, Arpino (FR), Italy
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5th International Conference on Material Modelling (ICMM5)
13-16 June 2017, Rome, Italy
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French-Italian Workshop on
Bone biomechanics: multiscale and multiphysical aspects

26-28 September 2017, Giuliano di Roma (FR), Italy
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Workshop “Encounter of the third kind” on “Generalized continua and microstructures”
3-7 April 2018, Arpino (FR),Italy.
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