Joint MEMOCS Workshop Venue

Joint MEMOCS Workshop on
Models of Complex Materials and Systems
20-23 June 2019, Arpino, Italy


The workshop will be held in Arpino, a city of central Italy that has given birth to Cicerone, Caio Mario, Marco Vipsanio Agrippa, Giuseppe Cesari (Il Cavalier D’Arpino), Pasquale Rotondi. While attending at the Joint Workshop, the participants will be able to enjoy the place and the landscape.



 The School will be held at the picturesque setting of the hotel Il Cavalier D’Arpino; in particular, the lectures will take place in the marvellous room named “Salone degli Affreschi” decorated with the painting representing the famous artist Giuseppe Cesari called “Il Cavalier D’Arpino”.

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Address: Hotel Il Cavalier D’Arpino Via Vittoria Colonna, 21 – 03033 Arpino (FR)




The pointed arch in the ‘Cyclopean’ walls of Civitavecchia. Historians believe there are only two in existence, one in Greece and one in Arpino.



What to see …

The Old Town of Arpino

The town of Arpino is divided into four districts, Colle, Civita Falconara, Arco and Ponte, with the Piazza Municipio in the centre of the town. This layout hasn’t changed since the town’s heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries, when its arts, economy and culture flourished.
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