Inaugural Summer School

Inaugural Summer School on
Mechanics of generalized continua and their applications
to engineering materials and structures
20-26 July 2015, Arpino, Italy


The mechanics of generalized continua has now become a privileged tool to describe size effects in the mechanical behaviour of materials and structures. Once limited to theoretical considerations, it is now ubiquitous in the computational treatment of strain and damage localization phenomena, dispersion of waves in heterogeneous materials and boundary layer effects in structures. It turns out that these different theoretical and application branches are currently developed rather independently and that there is a need to reconcile these approaches and show the unity of this large class of enhanced mechanical models. The LIA Coss&Vita, joint research unit between the CNRS Federation of Paris Mechanics Labs and the International Research Center on Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems, was recently created by CNRS and University Dell’Aquila. It will organize a series of Summer Schools taking place each year in the coming 5 years in order to establish the foundations and present applications of the mechanics of generalized continua. The Inaugural Summer School aims to expose common foundations of existing branches of the mechanics of generalized continua in the statics and dynamics of materials and structures, plasticity and fracture mechanics. The generic character of Cosserat, micromorphic, strain gradient and nonlocal approaches will be highlighted. The Summer School will be the place for discussions and exchanges in order to establish the common mathematical and mechanical features of these theories.
The School will be held in the historical city of Arpino, 100 kilometers south east of Rome, in Italy.

Speakers : C. Boutin (ENTPE, Lyon, France), F. dell’Isola (UniRoma1 and M&MOCS, Cisterna di Latina, Italy), S. Forest (Mines ParisTech CNRS, Paris, France), P. Seppecher (Université de Toulon et du Var, Toulon, France), D. Steigmann (University of California at Berkeley, USA)

Format : Lectures will be delivered in the morning sessions. Late afternoon sessions will be dedicated to illustrations and specific topics related to the courses, including material symmetries, homogenization methods, plate and shell models, numerical simulation of localization phenomena, instability phenomena etc. The corresponding lectures will be given by N. Auffray (Université Paris-Est, Marne-la-Vallée, France), A. Lebée (ENPC, Marne-la-Vallée, France), C. Maurini (UPMC, Paris, France), Luca Placidi (Università Internazionale Telematica UNINETTUNO), Massimo Cuomo (Università di Catania). The beginning of afternoon is free for discussions and exchanges.