A series of events are planned in order to set the pace of the cooperation. Three events are scheduled during the first year to trigger first cooperation and stimulate possible exchanges of researchers. The less classical topics, namely META and BIO, are addressed in the first year in order to clearly set the contour of the targeted fields and methods. The cooperation methodology is extended further during the second year, whereas some of the topics are left open for the third and subsequent years to raise initiatives during the two previous years.



Nonlinear Instabilities and localization in materials, geomaterials, metamaterials and structures
coordinated by Samuel Forest, Matthieu Mazière, Ioannis Stefanou and Francesco D’Annibale
8-12 April 2019, Arpino, Italy
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Third International GeoMech-MeMoCS Workshop
Computational methods and scale transition for geomaterials

20-22 May 2019, Arpino, Italy
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ICoNSoM 2019
International Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics
16-19 June, 2019, Roma, Italy Read more
Joint M&MoCS WORKSHOP on Models of Complex Materials and Systems
20-23 June 2019, Arpino, Italy Read more


Colloque International de Théories Variationnelles (CITV)

30 June- 5 July, 2019, Arpino, Italy
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Microstructures and Microarchitectures: Theoretical, Numerical, Experimental Aspects
coordinated by Francesco dell’Isola, Jarkko Niiranen and Alessandro Reali
Arpino, Italy. To be announced in 2020
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Detailed agenda for 2015–2017

year events
  1. Workgroup in Arpino on “From adaptive and architecture materials to integrated smart structures: a challenge in mechanical engineering and biomechanical applications”
  2. Bilateral French-Italy Workshop in Arpino on “Going down to the microscale in multiphysics problems from seismic driven risks to petroleum geomechanics”
  3. Workshop in Paris on “Generalized continuum modelling of materials for and from life”
  4. Workshop in Palazzo Caetani on “Continuum modelling and design of metamaterials in mechanics”
  5. Summer School in Sperlonga on “Foundations of generalized continuum mechanics”
  1. Two sessions of “Chercheurs en résidence”  on topics selected after the workshops of the previous year
  2. Summer School in Paris on “Metamaterials as advanced engineering materials”
  3. Summer School in Arpino on “New ideas for architectured meta-materials: an approach via generalized and microstructured continua”
  1. Workshop in Paris related to “Computational mechanics of generalized continua”
  2. Summer School in Sperlonga on a topic to be determined
  3. International Conference on “Material Modeling or Mechanics of Materials”