WORKSHOP 14-17 April 2020

Multi-physics metamaterials
14th-17th April 2020, Arpino, Italy


Metamaterials are materials designed to provide an out of the ordinary behavior that can generally not be observed in conventional physical media. This can be obtained from micro-structured continua having a strong coupling between global deformation and some internal degrees of freedom. For example, the inclusion of suitably designed locally resonating units allows for the modification of the dispersive properties of a medium. The nature of the inclusions is often purely mechanical, but in some cases, adaptive materials are exploited to tune the local properties of a “multi-physics” metamaterial. In mechanical metamaterials, “multi-physics” refers to electromechanical (through piezoelectric, magnetostrictive or electromagnetic couplings), vibroacoustics, thermomechanical, etc. Thanks to those energy transfers, the modification of the elastic components defining the properties of the media provides the additional degrees of freedom allowing alternative designs of mechanical structures or wave-guides.
The objective of this Workshop is to foster the interaction between scientists from different communities, not necessarily already involved in the field of metamaterials. The main goal is to share ideas and knowledges related to the use of multi-physics coupling in the synthesis of new types of sub-structures or adaptive materials offering non-conventional behavior in terms of structural dynamics or wave propagation.
The Workshop is organized by the International Research Center M&MoCS of University of L’Aquila and it will be held in the historical city of Arpino, 100 kilometers south east of Rome, in Italy.

Some details about the Workshop…
– Approximately one hour of presentation and discussion per person
– Flexible program
– Possibilities of publication of the acts
– About thirty participants maximum
– Dinners and activities organized to encourage exchanges between participants

Knowing that the number of participants is limited, those interested are requested to declare their intent to participate as soon as possible.

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