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Sperlonga is a very picturesque small seaside town in Italy, to the South of Rome, on the Tirrenic coast. Its white-painted houses make it a bit reminiscent of some Greek islands.

It is easily accessible by private and public transport.

The School will take place inside the fascinating monument of Santa Maria, the most ancient church of Sperlonga (early 12th century), in the center of the town.

The address is Via Porta Piccola della Chiesa.

It is not allowed to reach by car the center of the town

Getting there

By car

Sperlonga can be reached by road. From Rome, take the via Appia (SS 7) or the via Pontina (SS 148) past Terracina, then follow the signs to Sperlonga along the via Flacca (SS 213). From Naples, go to Formia, Gaeta, and again with the via Flacca (SS 213) to Sperlonga. An alternative way is to go along the Appian way (via Appia – SS 7) between Terracina and Formia, and take the smaller road to Sperlonga from Itri.

Alternative way:

A1 Highway:
From North: Frosinone exit and follow Latina, then Terracina, then Sperlonga
From South: Cassino exit and then Formia>Gaeta>Sperlonga

By train

Sperlonga can also be reached by train. One of two major train lines between Rome and Naples (Roma-Napoli via Formia) stops at Fondi-Sperlonga Station. When going North to South, the last station before Fondi is called Monte San Biagio. When going South to North, the last station before Fondi is Formia. From the station of Fondi-Sperlonga, a taxi to Sperlonga (around 20 Euro) or a bus service are available. The distance from the train station to Sperlonga is about 12km by road.
Buses run from Fondi-Sperlonga station to Sperlonga in about 20 minutes; the bus leaves just after the train’s arrival. The fare is about €1; you directly pay the driver. On Sundays the bus service is reduced.

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It is also possible to take a bus to Sperlonga from various surrounding locations, including Terracina and Formia/Gaeta.

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