Symposium honouring Del Piero

At the end of the First Sperlonga Summer School 2011, a Symposium in honour of Gianpietro Del Piero, in occasion of his retirement, will take place at the same location of the School, on September 30th and October 1st 2011.
The participants to the Summer School are warmly invited to attend the Symposium, too.

Speaker Names and Talk Titles are given below.

Friday September 30th afternoon:

Maurizio Angelillo Statics of masonry structures modeled as unilateral materials

Raffaella Rizzoni Modelling, development and testing of a shape memory alloy actuated polymeric prototype

David Owen Moving Interfaces that Separate Loose and Compact Phases of Elastic Aggregates

Jean-Jacques Marigo From the onset of damage until the rupture: construction of the responses with damage localization for a general class of gradient damage models

Saturday October 1st morning:

Massimiliano Lucchesi The Static Theorem of Limit Analysis for masonry panels

Francesco dell’Isola Contact actions in N-th gradient Continua

Michel Raous Simulation of the cyclic behavior of open-cell polymeric foams: non linear elasticity, viscosity and damage

Gianni Royer Towards a unified approach to fracture, yielding and damage

Lev Truskinovsky Mechanics of active force generation in skeletal muscles