ICoNSoM Secretary secretariat@memocsevents.eu

Guideline for Presentations

For Oral Presenters

  • A technical assistant will be provided for technical issues.
  • To avoid any incompatibility, each speaker will use his own Laptop for the presentation.
  • A multimedia Projector and a SMART pointer will be available.
  • We recommend all the presenters to equip themselves with the adapter for the projector.
  • Ensure that you are available at least one hour before the session starts on the days of the conference.
  • Send your final presentation via mail to the organizing committee address secretariat@memocsevents.eu by the last day of the conference.

For Poster Presenters

  • The heading of the poster should be visible and it should include the topic, Author name, and contact details.
  • The letters should be visible at least from approximately 2.5 meters.
  • Use a simple format and more spatial layout with a good color combination.
  • Use reader friendly icons and symbols such as arrows, numbers and etc.
  • Avoid much as possible abbreviations and jargon. The highest clarity and visibility will attract the audience.

Poster Size

If you wish to present your research via a poster, a poster presentation session is allocated. Each poster is displayed in a one-hour session.
Dimensions for the poster in A0 format are a maximum height of 1189mm (46.81 inches) and a maximum width of 841mm (33.11 inches); also a smaller size (A1) is acceptable. Please ensure that your poster does not exceed this size.

Poster Submission

Please ensure that you handover the already printed poster to the organizing committee at the registration desk the first day and provide the PDF file for the WEB archive by the last day of the conference.

Poster viewing session and Evaluation

A time slot will be allocated for the poster viewing in the conference program and Please ensure that you stand by your poster(s) during that session for discussion and questions. Please post up the posters well in advance of the poster session.
If you wish, you can prepare photocopies or a summary of the poster and the abstract to be distributed to those who are interested.