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Covid -19 Updates (Febbruary 2022)

The Organizing Committee of ICoNSoM 2022 has the main priority of safeguarding the health of each participant. ICoNSoM conferences are thought of and organized as full face-to-face conferences. To make this possible, strict safety rules and procedures will be implemented.

The Organization Committee of ICoNSoM 2022 is working to ensure a smooth process, in correspondence to the current health regulations. The Committee is monitoring the COVID-19 requirements and will be updating the information and safety guidelines regularly with alignment to the situation.

Safety rules for participants

To guarantee the highest safety standard, all participants ICoNSoM 2022 are kindly invited to follow the guidelines below:

  • To remain home and avoid travel if experiencing any COVID symptoms.
  • To wear a mask ffp2 that covers the mouth and nose at all times while attending the events.
  • To keep the safety distance.
  • To perform a health status self-check every day for any onset of COVID symptoms, as defined by the CDC

To ensure the conference takes place in conditions of maximum security for each participant, social distancing as required will be ensure during plenary lectures, poster sessions, and the other activities. Social events will be organized according to rules existing in June, 2022.

Travelling to/from Italy

We invite all attendes to regularly visit the official Italian government web-page to know about the travel conditions pertaining to their region and country. Participants should also regularly consult the equivalent websites in their own countries.
In the meantime we advice participants to follow the latest updates here:
COVID-19 travelers
Covid-19 Sardinia: Travel Requirements